Another Marvel X Pacific Rim supplement from my Shitty AU
(first part over here)

Iron Jaeger design ( to be honest, i cheated, i went to jaeger maker engine, used it as based design, and combining with ironman’s design)
also: Tony & Human”abitPaulBettany”!Jarvis as Bonus~
"my" Jarvis is actually has no past memories (for whatever reasons:brain washed, accident when first kaiju attacked, blabla…). Thx for this anon comment who inspired me

And that is WHY our genius playboy philanthropy dude who’s not a team player, can drifted compatible with him instantly. Coz the only person in the world that could drifted compatible with Tony Stark is Tony Stark himself or… a blank piece of paper:D

it’s my “fun” theory~

now i need to finish Steve n Bucky….TAT 

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